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Massage, Magnetic & Solarium Equipment at GATES Equestrian



GATES Equestrian's Massage, Magnetic & Solarium Equipment is here to support the work carried out by professionals and can help create a more well-balanced horse mentally, emotionally and physically.

 GATES Equestrian also benefits from a equine physiotherapist (fully qualified and insured) that regularly visits.


After seeing first hand  the benfits of massage, magnetic and hot/cold alternative therapies on my own horse in aiding his return back to competition after a stifle operation, I am delighted that I can provide horse owners with the same opportunity. At GATES Equestrian horse owners are able to access Rehabilitation Therapy equipment at very reasonable prices. " 

Jenna Greyson GATES Equestrian


Massage, Magnetic, Solarium & Therapy Equipment

  • Stretches (whole body)
  • Walking in Hand
  • Lungeing / Long Reining - with training aids / pessoa as necessary
  • Loose Exercise
  • Ridden Rehabilitation 
  • Controlled Exercise Paddocks
  • Magnetic therapy boots
  • Magnetic therapy wraps 
  • Massage Back Pad (Equilibrium)
  • Solarium 
  • Cool/Hot Pad therapy for legs 
  • Massage Leg Boots
  • Combined Leg Therapy - (a) Cool/Hot Pad WITH Massage Boots (b) Cool/Hot Pads WITH Magnetic Wraps (c) Magnetic Wraps WITH Massage Boots (d) Massage Pad


 GATES Equestrian is able to offer Massage, Magnetic & Solarium Equipment on a short term or long term basis and can offer day sessions, ongoing sessions, or live-in sessions.
Long term live in or multiple use sessions will receive discounts. 
GATES Equestrian firmly believes that your horse deserves the best care. 
The Massage, Magnetic & Solarium Equipment used by GATES Equestrian can help bring horses back from injury, improve circulation,  flush away toxins, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and enhance healing as well as alleviating fatigue and spasms thus reducing your horse damaging itself further. 
 (GATES Vet =  'Mark Murrell' - BA VetMB CertES(Orth) MRCVS)


Live in Massage, Magnetic & Solarium Equipment costs: 
* Stable, Storage, TurnOut if required, am OR pm help (no muckout) = £6.00 per day *
* Stable, Storage, TurnOut if required, with mucking out & holding for /tidying after professional and care of horse £10.00 per day *




Session Length


Magnetic Wraps

Can be placed in different positions so that you can treat the exact area. Improves circulation, flushing away toxin, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, enhancing healing and thought to help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

Initial use (4hrs per day)

Extended use (max 8hrs)



Cool/Heat Pads

Hot therapy is ideal for rheumatic pain, neural pain, skeletal pain, improve scar after surgery.

Cold therapy is ideal for traumatic hemorrhage, tendon trauma, heatstroke, itch, strain, scald, fatigue.

15-30min session


Massage Boots

Intermittent compression – treating swellings and pain.

30-45min session


Leg Therapy

  • Cool/Hot Pads WITH Massage Boots


Clinical studies have shown that when cooling is accompanied by compression treatment it is particularly beneficial in the treatment of musculosketal strain, muscle pain, and inflammation of tendon injuries and joints.

 30min session


Leg Therapy

  • Cool/Hot Pads WITH Magnetic Wraps



30min session


Leg Therapy

  • Magnetic Wraps WITH Massage Boots



1-2hr session



Walk in Hand


15-30min session



The therapeutic results of the solarium are: a reduction in pain and muscle spasm,  an increase in circulation and cellular metabolism, reduction of stiffness, more mobile connective tissue improving elasticity thereby reducing the risk of sustaining injury and a general feeling of relaxation and well being.

20min session

(suggested 1hr max)




Massage Pad.

Equilibrium Product 

A unique rug that provides Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy to the horse.

By enhancing venous blood flow thus enhancing oxygen supply, improving metabolism, improving lymph drainage, relaxing the muscular system, accelerating the healing processes, improving collagen formation, pain relieving; this combination of therapies can be used on many equine problems and conditions. It ensures complete stimulation.


  • Massage Pad







What Massage, Magnetic & Solarium Equipment Equipment can achieve

Magnetic Therapy

  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance healing
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Flush toxins away
  • Stimulate collagen formation
  • Reduce pain
  • Beneficial on back & spine problems
  • Release & Relax muscles

Massage Therapy
  • Reduce swellings
  • Reduce pain
  • Relax & Release muscles

Massage & Cold Therapy
Clinical studies have shown the use of both methods is good for muscle & tendon inflammation & strains. 
Hot Therapy 
  • Reduce neural & skeletal & muscle pain

Cold Therapy
  • Help with tendon problems
  • Help with strains

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